Have you ever wondered how different types of gold are made? Or what the difference is between 10k, 14k 18k gold and so on?

Well here at Dondero’s Fine Jewelry we’ve got the answers!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking to buy a gift for that special someone, it’s important know about gold and how it’s made so that you will leave with the perfect piece.

From the ground pure gold starts with a yellow color. So how do we make white gold, rose gold and yellow gold jewelry you ask?

To adjust the color of pure gold, it is cut with nickel, tin and silver to create white gold. The beautiful rose golds that have gotten very popular over the last few years, are cut with copper alloy. And the classic yellow golds are cut with brass and bronze alloy.

So now that you know how different colored gold jewelry is made, let’s move on to choosing which karat is best for you.

The Karat of gold refers to the purity of the gold used to make the piece. The typical Karats you will see are 10 karat, 14 karat and 18 karat gold.

Here is what makes up each karat type:
10 Karat Gold is made up of 47% pure gold, 53% alloy
14 Karat Gold is made up of 58% pure gold, 42% alloy
18 Karat Gold is made up of 75% pure gold, 25% alloy

And that folks is how gold is made!

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