Has you’re silver or white gold jewelry turned dull or began to tarnish? Well all hope is not lost! We’re going to talk a little bit about the secret to making your silver or white gold shine again and prevent it from tarnishing!

The answer is Rhodium plating! Here’s how rhodium plating works to get your silver or white gold to shine again and keep it looking brand new.

Rhodium is a precious metal in the platinum group. This precious metal is typically used as a plating for silver or white gold.

A thin layer of Rhodium is placed over the piece.

The rhodium then provides a highly reflective, silver bright finish, saving your precious silver and white gold jewelry from looking dull and worn.

Not only does rhodium plating help make silver and white gold jewelry shine again, it minimizes the tarnish and yellowing of those metals. A super plus is that rhodium plating is also an aid if you have a skin allergy! The layer of rhodium will protect skin that is allergic to the metals underneath the plating.

So when your most prized silver and white gold jewelry begins to tarnish and the shine begins to fade don’t fret, Rhodium Plating can come to the rescue!

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