Learn how to maintain the shine on all your jewelry.


Diamonds and Precious Metals

Diamonds may be the hardest substance known to man, but they still can be damaged, abraded or scratched. Use the following guidelines to ensure your jewelry retains its beauty for years to come:


  • Don’t jumble your diamond jewelry with other pieces, because diamonds can scratch other jewelry and each other.
  • Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined jewel case or in a box with compartments or dividers.
  • Don’t wear your diamonds when doing rough work. Even though a diamond is durable, a hard blow can chip and damage it.
  • Diamonds look best when they are clean, revealing the diamond’s fire and brilliance.
  • Clean your diamonds regularly using commercial jewelry cleaner, a mix of ammonia and water, or a mild detergent. Dip the jewelry into the solution, and use a soft brush to dislodge dust or dirt from under the setting.
  • Keep jewelry away from chlorine bleach or other chemicals that can pit or discolor the mounting. Do not wear your diamond jewelry in chlorinated pools or hot tubs. The chlorine will not harm your diamond, but will discolor and possibly pit the mounting.
  • Sign up for our “six month reminder program” for diamond ring inspection. We will mail you a postcard reminding you to bring in your diamond ring for worn prong and loose diamond inspection. In addition to the inspection, your ring will receive our professional cleaning and polishing service. All at no charge!

Caring For Precious Gemstone Jewelry

Unlike diamonds, many gemstones have limitations on how they should be cared for and cleaned. The first three points of advice listed above regarding the care of diamond jewelry apply to gemstone jewelry as well. However, beyond those tips:


  • It’s important to give extra care and attention to jewelry featuring certain high risk gemstones like Emeralds, Opal, Pearls and Tanzanite. Certain cleaning solutions and polishing techniques can have a negative effect on these stones and other “at risk” stones. At Dondero’s, we will identify your stones and give you the best options for “at home” cleaning and maintenance. In addition, we will do an on-site inspection and cleaning of your gemstone jewelry at no charge to you.

Caring For Your Silver Jewelry

At Dondero’s, one of the most common questions that we hear regarding jewelry care is: How do I stop my silver from tarnishing?


  • Unfortunately, silver does tarnish when exposed to oxygen, which leaves a dark, black buildup.  To combat this, you can store silver jewelry in an airtight plastic zip lock bag.
  • To slow down the tarnishing process, there are tarnish prevention strips you can purchase and store with your silver jewelry.
  • Regular polishing will easily remove the tarnish. You can purchase a silver polishing cloth at Dondero’s. Silver jewelry should be brought into our shop annually for cleaning and to remove tarnish.


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