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Even in today’s digital world, wrist watches are as popular as ever. For many, they may be seen as simply a jewelry accessory, but the timekeeping is still important! There are an infinite number of watch brands with limitless style choices. At Dondero’s, we sell the world’s most popular brand – CITIZEN, as well as the high-styled designs from MOVADO. We round out our offerings with SEIKO and PULSAR- both bedrocks in the watch world.

So how do these watches work? Most watches today are powered by extremely accurate quartz crystal movements powered by miniature watch batteries. In the past few years there has been a resurgence of mechanical watches, which are powered by high tension mainsprings driving the gears of the watch. The watches are wound by the winding crown or in many cases they will “self-wind” by the movement of the arm which rotates an oscillator, thus “winding” the watch.

The newest technology, pioneered and perfected by Citizen, is the solar powered quartz movement. It features a rechargeable solar cell that receives a never-ending supply of energy from any light source. These watches never need a battery, saving you valuable “time” and money! When fully charged, the watch will function anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on the model, until it needs to be exposed to a light source to recharge the cell. It’s advisable to leave a solar watch exposed to light when not in use, to preserve the power level in the solar cell.

For more detailed information about these, or any type of watch, contact the professionals at Dondero Diamonds and Fine Jewelry.


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Since 1948, Dondero’s has been family owned and operated in Vineland, New Jersey. Owners Kevin Kleiner and Ken Dondero, along with their entire staff, share this philosophy:

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